Weight Watchers Diet Meal Plan 2019

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Weight Watchers Diet Meal Plan?

Weight Watchers Diet, is the company behind Weight Watchers Diet plan which is considered one of the most well researched and best weight loss programs available. Unlike many weight loss programs which usually recommend giving some foods a wide berth, the Weight Watchers Diet does not restrict the consumption of any type of foods. You can eat whatever you like, with a strong emphasis on watching your portion sizes and daily calorie intake. The primary objective of the Weight Watchers Diet program is to enable you to live your life to the fullest without skipping a beat, while at the same time, achieving your weight loss goals.

How the Weight Watchers Diet works?

The weight loss program is a long-term venture which steers you more towards healthier eating and lifestyle adjustments. It provides a consistent weight loss program over time.

Weight Watchers diet is based on a Smart Point system where every food is allocated points, based on the subscribers data which includes height, weight, gender, age and weight loss aspirations. Once you enroll, you are given a daily point target to reach according to your data and awarded Smart Points in the process, when you manage to stick within your daily target.

The Smart Points can be saved to accumulate, rolled over to the following day or redeemed for foods of your choice. Healthy foods with a higher concentration of proteins carry lower points than junk food, which contains saturated fats and high sugar content like soda, chips and candy.

The program has foods that are zero-rated such as fish, skinless chicken, beans, eggs, non-fat plain yoghurt to mention a few. These are low-calorie foods which are high in protein.

The point of zero-rating the various healthy food types is to give you the freedom and encourage you to plan for healthier meals and snacks. Generally, the Smart Point system helps you to lose weight, and keep it that way.

Physical activity is also a part of the weight loss program, and members are required to assign a fitness goal which is allocated Fit Points. Each physical activity ranging from walking to cleaning is logged into the Weight Watchers app to ensure you reach your weekly fitness target.

weight watchers diet 2019

Benefits of enrolling in Weight Watchers Diet

There are three levels of support that you can subscribe to in Weight Watchers Diet. These are;

  • Online only; this is the primary program that offers round the clock online chat support. It also includes the Weight Watchers app and other relevant tools.
  • Online with Meetings; here, a member has access to weekly Weight Watchers group meetings.
  • Online with one-on-one coaching; In this program, Weight Watchers assign a member with a personal coach and support through phone calls and messages.

Through the Weight Watchers Diet app, members receive a food and recipe database, as well as a tracking app that enables you to log in and get your Smart Points. Workout and fitness videos are also provided. In addition to diet and fitness counseling, Weight Watchers also sell packaged foods such as oatmeal, frozen food, low-calorie ice-cream and chocolate.

Foods to eat in Weight Watchers Diet

A member of Weight Watchers can eat practically anything as long as you stick to the allotted Smart Points received when you subscribe to the program. The point system used, encourages you to choose healthy whole foods like vegetables, foods high in fiber, fruits, unprocessed foods and lean protein.

Since over 200 healthy foods are zero-rated, this encourages members to consume them more and eat to their fill. Such foods include;

  • Lean proteins; Fish, tofu, shellfish, skinless chicken, eggs, dairy, veal and non-fat yoghurt. -Vegetables; greens, peppers, broccoli, cabbage, asparagus and cauliflower.
  • Healthy carbohydrates; oatmeal, beans, whole grain products, sweet potatoes, soy, brown rice and lentils. -Unsaturated fats; avocados, cheese, dark chocolate, nuts and virgin olive oil. Foods awarded high Smart Points are discouraged, although they are not off-limits. Examples are; -Processed Meats -Cakes, biscuits and cookies.
  • Sugary drinks; soda, lemonade, fruit punch, energy drinks and powder drinks.
  • Potato chips The Weight Watchers app database is not only restricted to homemade meals but also includes a wide array of restaurant recipes that you can log in on the app.

The effectiveness of the Weight Watchers Diet

Since it is a science-based weight loss program, the Weight Watchers diet guarantees results, and also, it is not a complicated program. Research and studies by various reputable institutions have shown that it is a realistic and consistent weight loss program, based on the emphasis of healthy food portions coupled with physical activity.

Compared to other weight loss programs that promise fast results, adherence to this diet shows that one can lose between 05-2 pounds per week.

According to a study conducted by The American Journal of Medicine, participants in the Weight Watchers Diet program lost more weight compared to people who chose to lose weight on their own.

The US News and World Report in 2018 ranked the Weight Watchers Diet as the number one “Best Commercial Diet Plan” and “Best Weight Loss Diet”.

Another study conducted on 1,200 obese participants over one year, showed that those on the Weight Watchers Diet lost a significant amount of pounds, compared to those who were on other programs.

The diet has also received rave reviews from celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Hudson and Jessica Simpson among others.

The Weight Watchers Diet and various conditions

Medically, the Weight Watchers Diet is for everybody including those with special conditions like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Heart Disease. This is due to the programs focus on low-calorie, nutritious food. Vegetarians can use the program as well.

With the Weight Watchers Diet, losing pounds does not have to be a stressful and strenuous undertaking anymore. The diet is simple, flexible and easy to follow. Although it costs, you are guaranteed of the desired weight loss results, and with three packages to choose from, there is a budget for every pocket.

Most weight loss programs provide counseling on how to lose weight only none of them has a plan to sustain the weight loss like the Weight Watchers Diet, owing to its long-term approach. Neither does the program restrict certain types of food, placing food choice liberty solely in your hands. Weight Watchers Diet is a tried, tested and proven method to get rid of those extra pounds and maintain that status quo.

4 Simple Tricks to Boost Your Weight Watchers Diet Result

Have you ever heard about Weight Watchers Diet? It’s basically diet based on point. So, you are given a certain point limit. And, each food that you eat has specific points. Your goal is you eat the food that won’t exceed that point limit. However, the result won’t come faster. It’s coming naturally, which is good for your health. Now, there are several things you can do to optimize the result. Here they are.

  1. Big breakfast – it takes a lot of points. But, having a healthy big breakfast will keep you around for a whole day.
  2. Eat good carbs – even though there is no forbidden food in this diet, but choose good carbs for faster fat burning process.
  3. Count the “zero” calories – drink zero calories product will only make you hungry more. So, count it in your Weight Watchers point.
  4. Body signal – your body will tell you that you are full. Follow it!

Those are simple tricks you can use to boost your Weight Watchers Diet result. At least, with those tricks, you can easily follow the point limit. And, of course, you will achieve your main goal in this diet plan, which is getting your ideal weight.

Weight Watchers Diet Meal Planning

Over recent years, the consumption of junk food has greatly amplified the world over. This has led to an upturn in the percentage increase in obesity. Weighing more than your calculated weight is a threatening sign. It is not only hazardous to your physical health but also makes you go through a lot mentally. It let others make fun of you and sometimes that bullying is what makes you feel bad about your existence in this world. This is not to be taken lightly. In fact, for those who are not even obese, being a weight watcher is not going to do any harm to them. It is rather going to instill in them a sense of staying fit and healthy and is ultimately going to help them cast a watchful eye on their weight.

The easy access of the internet has made us all very well aware of what to needs to be avoided when making efforts to stay fit. A few years ago being conscious about your weight was not really in trend and thus, people were not much aware of that fact that controlling or maintaining your weight has got nothing to do with starving yourself out. It is not about saying a big fat NO to whatever is being served at you at a guests place. It is rather about sensible portion control. A weight watcher is always careful when it comes to the size of the portion that he feeds on for his breakfast, lunch or for his dinner. Other important factors that need to be considered here are:

  1. Manage the macros in your diet

Managing the macronutrients in your diet isn’t a difficult thing to do as such. The three macronutrients that form an essential part of our food are carbohydrates, proteins,and fats.  The idea here is not to completely say NO to these three nutrients, obviously, that is not even possible, but to set a specific number of calories for your daily intake.

  • Managing carbs

Managing your carbohydrate intake is as easy as having most of your carbs in your breakfast and that too before 12 noon. This is what really aids you in consuming the most of them by the time you are about to lay flat on your bed.

  • Minimalizing your fat intake

A watchful eater is always aware of how necessary it is for him to cut his intake of fats. Avoiding food that is rich in fats such as cheese and full-fat cream etc. is a challenge for all fast food lovers and is known to give them a hard time resisting the temptation. A sensible intake of fried and baked good is always not to be neglected here. You also go to be careful when having dry fruits.

  • High protein intake

In order to promote good eating habits, no compromise should be made on your protein intake. Eggs and white meat including the chest portion of chicken and fish serve as a goodprotein-rich food.

  • Lots of fiber

A weight conscious person is very well aware of how important it is for him to take lots of fiber rich food. Vegetable salad, corn, brown bread, porridge and oats are generally preferred for this purpose. A bowl of fiber rich meal is going to make you feel full for a longerperiod of time and is also going to contribute a lot in improving your skin and BMI.

  • Lots of water

The only thing that needs not to be reduced is your water intake. You got to drink at least 10 glasses of water in a day. This is one of the most important steps that help you maintain your weight and has numerous other benefits to your health and wellbeing.

  • Oil free

Fried food items really contribute a lot in making you gain weight. People who are high on fried diet suffer a lot of health issues later on. Therefore, preferring barbeque chicken over the fried one is essential here.

  • Limit your processed food intake

Most of us are habitual to having lots and lots of processed food items. Our late night cravings never let us say no to chips and chocolates and our addiction to cold drinks is becoming a menace now. Processed food items deteriorate our health up to an extent that we cannot even imagine about. They lead to numerous health related issues that in turn enormously increase our weight. A watchful eater must cultivate the habit of saying no to all sorts of processed food items. This will save them of a load of the excessive workout.

  • Avoid high-calorie desserts

Having a sweet tooth is one of the biggest problems that a watchful eater faces. It is something that is the biggest of all hindrances on staying fit and healthy. Maintaining or losingweight for dessert lovers is a really tough task. For this one really needs to avoid eating food that is high in sugar content. You really need to be ignorant to the temptation of having ice-cream, pudding, custards, mousse, and cakes etc. They are not going to let you be careful with your weight.

A conscious approach towards your weight is an ultimate need of time. People really need to take care of themselves for having a life full of health which is the biggest of all sorts of wealth.